How It Works

Get stunning one-of-a-kind denim that fits you like your favorite old jeans.

(because technically, they are your jeans...)

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Select from among a set of jean customizations proposed by US-based artisans and tailors (Ripso Designers). From unique prints by an up-and-coming artist to vintage patchwork and embroidery, our Designers are the best at what they do, and they're revolutionizing clothing ownership.

send IN your jeans

By customizing existing jeans, you buy less and own better. Ripso Designers vastly improve the satisfaction you get from your clothing, while mitigating the impacts of traditional apparel production. Oh, and you can also be sure your new jeans fit, because you've already worn them ;)

Ship your jeans directly to your Ripso Designer and answer a few simple questions to hone your preferences.


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your designer crafts a work of art

Instead of producing your item at a factory, your Designer works remotely from their own shop. They are able to dedicate the time and creativity required to hand craft your old jeans into a trendsetting, one-of-a-kind piece.

It takes 2-3 weeks for your Designer to customize. 



your old/new jeans arrive at your door 

After your customizations are done, your Designer will ship your new jeans directly back to you. 



opening up A world of possibilities...


We're launching in Fall 2018!